GoPro Mexico Blue Dream was created in Playa del Carmen to offer quality professional training that fills the gap between the smaller dive centres unable to provide full GoPro training programs and the big, resort-based dive corporations operating vocational schemes based on high volume, high turnout and vague job placement guarantees.

As a result our candidates take full advantage of the broad range of diving and training opportunities only a proactive, multilingual and flexible facility such as Mexico Blue Dream can offer.

To that effect, the owners of Mexico Blue Dream teamed up with two of the best professional trainers in the Riviera Maya and beyond to offer a unique blend of excellence in scuba training based on realistic diving experiences and the highest standards of customer service.

We follow the PADI system and standards and we aim to deliver consistent high quality, integrity and credibility at one of Playa’s best equipped, friendliest and professional – but relaxed - training facilities.

Whatever your student diver level – from complete beginner to Rescue - your course is taught and supervised by a PADI Master Instructor with professional teaching experience.

When you reach instructor level courses, our PADI Master Instructor joins forces with our associate PADI Platinum Course Director, owner/manager of GoPro Playa to give you the very best training at the start of your successful diving career.


Write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask us about our GoPro training packages and also about our dedicated pre and post-IDC programs that help you refresh and maintain your skills – or simply make up required numbers of dives - through diving at special prices with our team of experienced working instructors and Divemasters.